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About Invicible Drain Care

Invincible Drain Care was formed in the first quarter of 2002 from the specialist commercial divisions for drainage and plumbing of Thames Water plc franchise by two long-standing staff.

Having carefully and diligently built those divisions up over 15 years the two founding Directors of what is now Invincible Drain Care left the franchise and re-branded themselves under the new name ; “Invincible Drain Care” was born and growing fast. Instantly attracting a large number of new commercial clients keen to work with the very experienced team designing be-spoke drainage and plumbing solutions and pioneering new lining techniques plus providing camera surveys that were detailed, informative and reliable.

The company has steadily expanded through recommendation and third party reference, serving large commercial clients. Offering some of the best remuneration packages in the business allows Invincible Drain Care to employ known or recommended staff building on good track records, proven experience in the drainage and plumbing industry. Sub-contractors of a similarly recommended and proven track record are brought in for specialist works to complement in-house skills occasionally.  All Sub-Contract staff are fully audited and closely managed, enabling us to be confident in their abilities to provide the highest levels of service and represent Invincible Drain Care.